Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can my loved one be buried at Vail Memorial Park?
A. The Vail Memorial Park accepts burial of cremated remains in bio-degradable urns only. There are no full body burials at the park.

Q. What is included in the pricing fees?
A. Included is the inscription of one name, pertinent dates and up to 30 characters to describe you or your Vail connection.

Q. May I bring my pet with me to the park when I come for a visit?
A. If your dog is there enjoying the park with you, please be a responsible pet owner and clean up after it. Just a reminder–the Town of Vail does have a leash law so in respect of others, please keep your pet in control while visiting the park.

Q. Will Vail Memorial Park gather information about me and share it with other individuals or businesses?
A. Vail Memorial Park will respect the security and confidentiality of all personal information you provide us.

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Please also see our Policies Page.